Rock without the roll…

So this is going to be a bit of a rant… Today, I’d like to talk a bit on the state of modern rock. I understand that sentence makes it seem like I think rock music today is crap or that I don’t enjoy it at all, when that could not be further from the […]

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Justice League review

Spoilers ofc. Finally, after a long time of waiting (years in many cases) we finally have it, a live action, holly-wood Justice League movie, and with how the last bunch of films went, some may not be so excited… I went to see this film on the Midnight Release at the UK… Yes, this review […]

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Thor: Ragnarok and tone

*Spoilers* So, Thor: Ragnarok came out a week or so ago, and I saw it a week or so ago, and had been meaning to write this, but, I… Hadn’t… Well I am doing now! So that’s what matters… Anyway, Ragnarok has received raving reviews since it’s launch weekend on 27th October (UK) and commercially […]

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The Joys of Yoga | Guest post

Welcome to my first guest post! I had been in touch with Wrae through Facebook and we agreed to write a guest post for each other’s blogs. This is her post, giving a great introduction to Yoga! Please give it a share and links to her blog and Social Media will be at the bottom! […]

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Man Up | Poem

I think this is my first poem? First proper one anyhow so yeah they’ll get better! TW: Suicide, Depression. I’m a man, I cry. I’m strong, I cry. I’m brave, I cry. I’m free, I cry. You spill over at the slightest gust of wind. An overfilled cup, drips down to the saucer Produce a […]

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In A Heartbeat review

Welcome back to my humble corner of the Internet! Today I’m reviewing the viral animation short ‘in a heartbeat.’ In a heartbeat is, as I said an animation by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, chances are you don’t recognise those names? Well those two are unknown… sorry were unknown. Now I’m gonna talk about this […]

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The Wilderness

“A stream; water flows through cracks in the rock Peace flows through the cracks in my essence A mind of stress and tranquility blocked But now my eyes are open to a world of fluorescence The bright sun he warms me, rain, she washes the hurt away I am no longer ill and I am no […]

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*opens door* Hello sir/miss, may I have a minute of your time to talk about our lord and saviour Master Yoda? Now people who know me personally would probably not think I’m that religious. You know what? They’d be right! I’m not. Raised as a Christian around the age of 13/14 I just stopped believing. […]

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